Jo Marches: 5 Things That Inspired ‘Silver & Gold’

The Silver & Gold EP is out now.

In my experience, the synth pop thing can be a bit cold and has kind of become a bit over run. That’s what makes an artist like Jo Marches so enticing. Crafting a brand of synth pop that is dripping with earnestness and emotion, her work serves as an antidote to what can seem like a veritable morass of pretty samey bands.

‘Silver & Gold’, the title track from her new EP, is a perfect example of how full of life and experience Marches’ music is. Led by a simple and organic drum beat, the track is a slightly melancholic but warm track full of reflection and synth that is brimming with life.

We had the chance to chat about the track with Jo Marches. Her succinct description of the destructiveness and creativity of ‘restlessness’ really hit a cord with us.

1. Insomnia

During the writing process of the first EP I was experiencing insomnia. If that lasts long enough it can turn your whole life upside down! At times I couldn’t tell the difference between dreams and real life and when I did get some sleep I would have these crazy dreams. I literally watched my boyfriend and cat sleep many nights and I was very jealous of them both for being able to sleep!

2. Déjà Vu

Apparently when you’re not sleeping you have déjà vu more often and that made me a bit uncomfortable. Whenever I was having a conversation I felt I had before I really waited for that moment when the other person would say something that didn’t feel like I heard it before. I guess I was an awkward person to interact with back then :).

3. Perfectionism

In trying to lead the perfect life (who knows what that even is?), I felt I was missing out on the good stuff and nothing ever seemed to live up to my high expectations. It was a pattern I had to break and it’s still something I struggle with.

4. Restlessness

‘Silver & Gold’ is about longing for more in life when actually you’re doing quite alright. But who knows what you’re missing out on while you’re leading an okay life? It’s about the wonder and longing for something more and different and in that process hurting others and destroying what you have. Do you settle for silver or risk everything for a chance of maybe finding gold?

While making the EP I was fascinated by the different stages of love and how different relationships in life seem to take the same direction and blend into each other up to the point where memories become a blur. All songs on the EP are about a different moment in a relationship.

5. Transformation

In order to be able to change and evolve you sometimes need to break something good. Gees Voorhees took that idea as a concept for the video in which I literally break a heart to force movement and action. There’s always this moment in your life when you feel there’s a chance to make a really big change. It might take a lot of courage and even hurt but mostly leads to something beautiful and new.

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