Joanna Gruesome Announce Album & Share ‘Last Year’

Joanna Gruesome Announce Album & Share Track

There’s so much to love about Peanut Butter and now there’s another reason. Joanna Gruesome have named their sophomore second album after the delightful nutty spread and have shared some details. It’ll be released on 11th May in the UK on Overblown favourite Fortuna Pop! and on 2nd June in the US on Slumberland. Yes! Good for us Brits to get something ahead of the US and I think this is reasonable compensation for the US having a far greater selection of peanut butter based treats than our wee island.

Joanna Gruesome have also shared the opening track from this album called ‘Last Year’ and it’s a punk corker. Have a listen above. If this song was peanut butter related it would definitely be of the crunchy variety although it moves towards smooth as the song progresses. Fans of the band will be familiar with a couple of the album tracks already, ‘Jerome (liar)’  and ‘Psykick Espionage’ having been released on their excellent 2014 split records with Trust Fund and Perfect Pussy (whose influence, I believe, is stamped over the first half of ‘Last Year’).

As if that isn’t enough there has also been some UK tour dates announced. See below for details. In the meantime you’ve got about 3 months to enjoy your current favourite peanut butter treat before the record release means you have a new favourite. Dig out those Hersheys Cups, Kit-Kats (do they still do those?), spread the smooth or crunchy on some toast but whatever you do don’t mix it with jelly jam. That’s just wrong.

Peanut Butter track-listing:

01 Last Year
02 Jamie (Luvver)
03 Honestly Do Yr Worst
04 There is No Function Stacy
05 Crayon
06 I Don’t Wanna Relax
07 Jerome (Liar)
08 Separate Bedrooms
09 Psykick Espionage
10 Hey! I Wanna Be Yr Best Friend

Joanna Gruesome will release Peanut Butter on 11th May in the UK and 2nd June in the US.

UK Tour Dates as follows and on sale from 9am Wednesday 11th Feb:

17 April – Islington Mill, Manchester
18 April – Stereo, Glasgow
23 April – Scala, London
2 May – Live at Leeds, Leeds
3 May – The Haunt, Brighton

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