Joel Gion – Tomorrow | Overblown Track Premiere

‘Tomorrow’ will feature on Gion’s as yet untitled second album.

There’s not many better ways to start a new year than with some delightful psychedelic rock. This is where ‘Tomorrow’, the newest single from Joel Gion, comes in. Perhaps known most famously as percussionist with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, it turns out he is also well able to craft gloriously fuzzed up tracks of his own. ‘Tomorrow’ is a seemingly blissed out and laid back track that has a luxurious beat and no need to rush anywhere. Despite this, the track does not pull any punches. Let’s let Joel elaborate.

“I wrote and recorded it earlier this year while the Democratic party campaigns were the big topic… So the tune does some BS-calling out of the rising classism in the USA and at the same time sending a message out to not let things get you down too hard – but then nobody in the free-thinking world have ever dreamed things would wind up going this far south in the end,” says Joel Gion. “Still, having said that, this is the only life you have, so you have to enjoy it no matter how stupid things get, ‘cause we always have each other and you always have yourself.”

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