John Coffey Front-man Plucks Flying Beer From Sky, Awesomeness Ensues

People sometimes ask what is punk? Is this punk? Is that punk? This, I can safely say, is punk. David Achter de Molen, of Dutch punk band John Coffey, has, with one act of just being awesome, become the coolest person I have ever seen. I’m pretty sure I want to be him.

While going for a little crowd-surfing jaunt between songs last weekend at the legendary Pinkpop festival, a crafty concert goer launched a beer in de Molen’s general direction. Without missing a beat, the singer nonchalantly grabs the beer, finishes the beer, and tosses it away as if this is a regular day at the office for him.

Check out the video above as my description cannot quite manage to capture the wonderfulness of the moment.

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