John J. Presley Streams New Track “All That’s Inbetween”

John J. Presley Streams New Track

John J. Presley’s first two singles, “Left” and “Honeybee”, were blues/rock rave ups that settled somewhere between The White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age. This time he has reined proceedings in a touch to head more into reflective Mark Lanegan territory on the b-side to “Honeybee”. “All That’s Inbetween” is a crawling king snake of a tune. Winding it’s way through it’s three and a half minute runtime, it possesses a formidable fuzzed out low end and sonic sensibility similar to New Orleans bluesman Benjamin Booker.

“The song is about reaching for something beautiful, but you can’t quite get there because there is something between you and it. A song of time old patience,’ explains Presley.