Jonathan Boulet’s Top Ten Aussie Bands

Jonathan Boulet's Top Ten Aussie Bands

Hey man, listen to this. It’ll blow your mind.

I’ve never met him but Jonathan Boulet seems like a top bloke. Fresh from redefining his sound with his third record Gubba, the indie pop stalwart turned garage/stoner rocker took the time to (metaphorically) sit down with Overblown to run through his favourite underground Australian bands of the moment. What ensued was an eclectic and at times bizarre collection of post punk, handcore, and avant garde nuisance.


 Jonathan Boulet’s Top Ten Aussie Bands


Total Control

Jonathan Boulet: Total Control are quickly becoming recognised world wide. And for good reason. Songs are well catchy, full of energy, interesting and apparently an excellent live band. Shame that they can’t tour though…

Overblown: An Australian post-punk band from Melbourne, Total Control released their second album Typical System in June. They’ve performed with Thee Oh Sees and at All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2011.

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JB: This film clip is a solid gold turd. Lols across the board. And a pretty sick song to boot. Warren Ellis’ loops really help to define this band and give their music an edge.

O: A Nick Cave side project which includes Warren Ellis. Cave told UNCUT the alternative rock band was a “way to escape the weight of the Bad Seeds.”

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Venom P. Stinger

JB: Underground 80’s punk heroes. Venom P Stinger are wild, super Australian and weird as hell. Their stuff is still more creative and interesting than a lot of current punk trends.

O: Unconventional and uncompromising avant garde 80s Melbourne based punk band.

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My Disco

JB: Love this one for it’s drums. They just drive on and keep the energy up through out while the vocals and guitars form the structure around them. Once again, another band you really need to experience in a live context.

O: A difficult to classify indie/post punk band from Melbourne. Named after a Big Black song. Albini would approve.

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Slug Guts

JB: This is from one of Slug Guts’ earlier records ‘Down on the Meat’. I really loved the vocals on that record because all I could imagine was Popeye wearing headphones, laying down tracks in the studio.

O: Lovers of early 80s post punk groups, Slug Guts have released three albums since 2009. The last two of which were released through Sacred Bones.

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Wolf And Cub

JB: Love the flow on this one. So seductive and just grooves on a pimp who just won the lottery.

O: Psychedelic rock band from Adelaide. I hope they are named after the iconic manga Lone Wolf And Cub.

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Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse

JB: I love the drop in this track. The whole song just keeps grooving on with a Go Team! joyousness and drive. Then the breakdown erupts into the horn drop and all that I want from the subsequent jam out is more jam out. Listen to the track here.

O: Definitely indebted to The Velvet Underground, Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse is a project of former The Middle East banjo player Joseph Ireland.

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Ill Brigade

JB: Ill Brigade are a Sydney hardcore band made up of dudes from a million other hardcore bands. Really fun to see live and are righteous and genuine dudes.

O: Apparently Ill Brigade reside in “NY City 1986 outside CBGB’s”. Sounds like a pretty sweet place to be. Musically they are more indebted to 90s hardcore.

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Menstruation Sisters

JB: I saw these guys play once without knowing what I was in for. Holy shit man. It’s hard to describe these guys. Feedback heavy, psycho dude screaming, improvised noise, they got it all. Amongst the chaos though there’s a sense of humour… I think. Listen here.

O: This is mental. Rather unconventional to say the least, this Sydney based outfit make cacophonous noise soundscapes. Not for the faint hearted.

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Kirin J Callinan

JB: Kirin J. Callinan is a constant inspiration to countless musicians and artists across the globe. The dude is just trying shit. He’s experimenting and performing and he’s the kind of person that pushes others to think harder, to push further and to create better shit.

O: Callinan made a name for himself in indie rock band Mercy Arms before branching out on his own weird path. Sounds like the music that runs through Hunter S. Thompson’s head after too much mescaline and ether.