Joyce Delaney Share Video for Busy Girl’s Lament

Joyce Delaney are so over your shit according to their bandcamp bio. That’s fine but I don’t forsee me being over their shit anytime soon. More evidence of this duly provided with their new video for the song ‘Busy Girl’s Lament’. This song is extremely relatable. It also makes me realise it’s my head that’s busy rather than my person. Everyone’s always so stupidly busy but we need to make time for the stuff we really want to do, the stuff we like doing, the stuff that makes us happy. That’s why I’m here taking the time to write about Joyce Delaney.

This is probably my favourite Joyce Delaney song. Or maybe it’s the one about not liking people? Perhaps the one about crying in public toilets on Valentines Day? Even the one where they sing “Don’t need to buy me flowers, I am a fucking flower”? Maybe that’s the same song as the Valentines one? Can’t remember. Who cares? My favourite Joyce Delaney song will pretty much always be the next one I hear. They remind me of discovering live music in Glasgow in the 90s. Amazing bands like Yummy Fur, Lung Leg & Dick Johnson. I’d imagine they probably have no idea who these bands are and I love that too.

Have a listen and love that bands like this exist, that get out and make things happen themselves, that sing honestly about their lives and help make other people’s lives better. Oh – and see them live when you get a chance. Joyce Delaney would entertain your ass off even if they didn’t play any songs.

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