The Just Joans – ‘No Longer Young Enough’ | Overblown Video Premiere

A new album, You Might Be Smiling Now…, will follow later this year.

This new one from Glaswegian indie pop sextet The Just Joans immediately struck a chord with me. At 32, the last year has been a difficult one of self reflection and (hopefully) personal growth. After pretty much making a holy goddamn mess of my personal life, I’ve had to pretty much deconstruct my self perception and try to realise who I am rather than who I think I am. Essentially, I’m ‘No Longer Young Enough’.

The track itself explores how there comes a time when you just have to look in the mirror and tell yourself “Grow the fuck up, you moron. Stop making the same mistakes over and over and expecting things to change. Be better. Try harder.” It is also a winsome and gently hook filled slice of delicate indie pop with some lovely ‘woos’ in the background and the gentle Glaswegian accent of singer Katie Pope. It’s a gem.

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