Katastrophy Wife (Kat Bjelland) re-issue classic debut album Amusia

If there was a league table of great band names Katastrophy Wife would definitely be right up there pushing for the top spot. The band was formed by Kat Bjelland of classic punks Babes in Toyland along with her then husband Glen Mattson all the way back in 1998. Their first album Amusia was then released in 2001 and followed up by All Kneel in 2004.

The great news is that Amusia is now being re-issued on Friday 30th October and available digitally for the first time. The album includes ‘Gone Away’ which you can let rip through your speakers above. ‘Gone Away’ was the first and only single release from the album and is also being re-issued digitally for the first time and includes the exclusive b-side track ‘Happy Pick Up Truck’ and the ‘Gone Away (Fierce Elvis’ Suicide wedding Remix)’. Both the album and singles covers have been re-designed for the re-release, using images from the original photo sessions with Minneapolis based photographer H. Mack. The albums previously hidden track ‘Rosacello’, a haunting cello performance of the album track ‘Rosacea’ is included in the track listing. This release marks the albums first worldwide release and digital debut.

Katastrophy Wife - 'Gone Away'

As we speak Kat is currently approaching the end of the thrilling Babes in Toyland reunion tour which Overblown was lucky enough to catch in Barcelona earlier in the year. With the interest generated by that tour there’s no better time than now to revisit Katastrophy Wife and delve into it’s scary punk rock glory. Go on, treat yourself this Halloween.

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