Live Review: Kathryn Joseph @ Mono Glasgow 9th Dec 2016

Kathryn Joseph is celebrating the release of her new single ‘The Blood’ and a reissue of her SAY Award winning album with a winter tour. Leona Irvine went to investigate.

A Friday night in December before Christmas, walk into any bar in town and you expect to be met with work colleagues and buddies festively embracing one another, loudly! However, take a sold out Kathryn Joseph gig, as was the case at Mono on 9th December, and you get swept into a warm welcoming cocoon of vocals so captivating and beautiful that they silence a room.This is not because Kathryn demands this but because you want to absorb it all, you don’t want to hear anything or anyone else at that moment and everyone in the room is thinking the exact same thing. There is a collective consensus on this.

This gig is part of a winter UK and Germany tour promoting a Limited Edition 7” of album track “The Blood” and unheard B side “The Coming” along with Limited Edition White Vinyl of Kathryn’s award winning album Bones You have Thrown me and Blood I’ve Spilled.

With songs that are lyrically fragile such as ‘The Bird’ Kathryn would be forgiven if she tended to disappear into her own emotional enclave. However she doesn’t do this, she takes you with her and makes everyone feel connected to the music. Keeping constant eye contact with the room she is ever present in her delivery with waves of eerie and epic music emanating outwards you can’t help but be glad that Kathryn is now getting an opportunity to share her talent.

However glad the crowd might be it seems Kathryn is equally appreciative of people having turned out to see her. If she and the audience were new lovers you get the sense it could have ended with “you hang up, no you hang up, you hang up.” Her sincerity is endearing and when she does chat to the audience she is funny and warm.

The sound of one lady and her piano along with Marcus Mackay on percussion is compelling. The emotion conveyed is enthralling and if you like music that welcomes you in from a cold night then Kathryn is your woman.

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