Keep in Touch 2 – A Postcard from Ava Luna

Keep In Touch Singles Series

Last month Overblown introduced you to the charming Keep in Touch (KIT) postcard subscription series (Here in case you missed it). We’re delighted to report that the second postcard/record landed through the mailbox recently. The latest edition features ‘Rain’ by  NYC’s soulful Ava Luna and it sounds as lovely as it looks. This time around the song is an exclusive for KIT subscribers (the majority of the KIT postcards will feature exclusive songs – just the way it should be) so we’re not going to be spoilsports and share it with you. If you want to hear it you’re just going to have to subscribe. Here’s a look at this month’s product and a flavour of what Ava Luna sound like in case you’re currently unfamiliar with February’s artist, time to fall in love with an incredible voice.

We love a good singles club so we caught up with the brains behind KIT to find out a little more about what’s going on with this one:

Overblown: What’s the response been like to your idea? Are you close to having a sold out subscription list?
Keep in Touch: Response has been great, we still have some subscriptions left, believe it or not. People seem to really be digging the cards and hopefully with our beefed up envelopes starting in February cards will be delivered with no hiccups.

O: How did you go about choosing which artists you wanted involved?
KIT: I chose artists whose music I respect. I wanted the lineup to be diverse enough where it wasn’t predictable and maybe someone who is into a particular genre of music might be turned onto an artist in another genre.

O: Was there any bands you really wanted but couldn’t get?
KIT: Oh for sure, my wish list is pretty deep. I’m still trying so hard to get one particular band involved to the point where I feel like I’m harassing them at this point.

O: Is there a hope that this could go on past its initial year or would you like to move on to something else after this series?
KIT: I would love for the series to continue next year. There are a lot of ideas that I wasn’t able to put into motion this first year but my hope is that more people learn about Keep In Touch and the culture sort of creates itself. I’d love to do some collaborating with other labels, musicians collaborating with other musicians, subscriber engagement both online and off. Way too many ideas to include here but the hope is that it keeps growing!

In case you need reminding the KIT Postcard series will feature TOPS (released in Jan), Sadie Dupuis, Cloud Nothings, Big Ups, The So So Glos, Girlpool and  Playlounge amongst others. Each of those artists is a great reason to get involved, there are still subscription places left but not many, do it now.

For more info on KIT please visit or email

Ava Luna’s new album Infinite House is released on 4th April 2015. Follow them on Facebook//Twitter

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