Keep In Touch Singles Series – The First Postcard ‘Record’ Lands

Keep In Touch Singles Series

Nostalgia. I remember pens and paper, writing letters, actually buying stamps to post records to like minded people around the world just because it was exciting to share and there was such a thrill in receiving a surprise package through the letterbox. This is the kind of nostalgia that has inspired a unique new singles club, the first of which has been landing on people’s doormats in the last few days, or into those mail boxes at the bottom of the driveway that us Brits only ever see in movies where some unruly adolescents are smashing them up with baseball bats.

Keep in Touch (KIT) is the name of this subscription club. The idea behind it is to rekindle a love for sending and receiving postcards. The records themselves are not actually vinyl records. Somewhat delightfully they are 7″x7″ postcards with the grooves etched into one side to make them playable on your record player. Wow. Each postcard’s image is designed by the band featured that month and of course features a song by the band.

That’s where it gets even more exciting. Most singles clubs mean you’re in the dark in terms of which band’s records you’ll be receiving (not that that’s a bad thing) but KIT is more than happy to shout about theirs, and little wonder. The 2015 series includes the likes of Cloud Nothings, Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz), Big Ups, Girlpool, the So So Glos and several others. That’s a pretty damn solid line-up! Subscribers can also expect a ‘surprise’ on their birthday.

The first record in the series is a dreamy little slow-burning heartbreaker called ‘Driverless Passenger’ by Canadians TOPS. All slowly picked guitars, moody organs and gorgeously gentle vocals to soothe your soul. It gets the series off to a great start.

As you’ll see above the postcard itself is exactly as KIT describe. A glossy postcard, made of card, not vinyl. The rear has a printed message from the band and your name is handwritten on it adding to the personal feel. It is perfectly playable but doesn’t sound quite as good as vinyl would. However, each postcard comes with a download code so you can access a digital copy of the track and keep the postcard as a treasured possession. The only little gripe I have is that the postcard doesn’t come in a wee plastic sleeve to keep it well protected when added to your record collection. Overall though it’s a wonderful idea and it’s going to be a delight each month when the next one arrives.

Subscriptions worldwide are limited to 450 so it’s a strictly limited edition. We understand that at time of writing there are still a few subscriptions available. If, like me, you’re a sucker for a bit of nostalgia, proper mail, great music and would love a few unique additions to your record collection you’d better act fast! Overblown says very well played to Keep in Touch Records.

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