Killer Bangs Share Fluoxetine Dreams

I’d love to tell you about how Killer Bangs are a top secret band. Nobody really knows exactly who they are although plenty wannabes claim to ‘know a girl who once snogged the singer, or the drummer maybe, or someone’s second cousin who once delivered mail to their rehearsal studio’. I’d love to tell you about how their legend goes before them, how every Glasgow gig is a top secret that can only be accessed by an elite few and even then they have to solve cryptic clues and physical challenges that would make Lara Croft shudder and crawl back under the duvet in her Govanhill flat.

I’d love to tell you all this but I can’t. The truth is all I know about Killer Bangs is that their new (and first, I think) song ‘Fluoxetine Dreams’ has been made public and it’s quite simply brilliant. I can tell you they played their first gig all the way back in October 2015. Veterans. I can also tell you this song was recorded by Summerteeth Recordings which is run by Chris from Life Model. Really all you need to concern yourself with right now is listening to this song (it’s up there, at the top of this post). That’s all that matters. It sounds like Stereolab’s ‘French Disco’ being dragged through a meat grinder then blown up in a quarry. Give it a try and while you’re doing so I’ll do my job and find out more about this lot. I’ll be in touch.

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