Kim Logan – ‘Pseudoscience: Chapter 3’ | Overblown Single Premiere

kim logan

Classically Trained Opera Singer Kim Logan Releases Double Sided Rock n’ Roll Single ‘Pseudoscience: Chapter 3’.

This is a filthy and swampy offering from Nashville based rock ‘n roll artist Kim Logan. Calling to mind dirty dive bars, bottled beer, and cigarettes, ‘Ladyboy’ is an up beat and energetic romp through all the classic rock touching points. There’s fuzzy guitar, bluesy solos, gritty vocals, driving drums, and is that a Hammond Organ I hear?

Meanwhile, ‘Hitch Your Wagon’ is a more subdued effort imbued with country imagery and a laid back, easy going vibe tinged with psychedelia. It is a swirling and hypnotic effort that sinks deeper and deeper with each repeated listen.

The double sided single ‘Pseudoscience: Chapter 3’ is the latest in her second body of work titled Pseudoscience. Produced by Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton) and Brett Orrison (Black Angels, Widespread Panic), 

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