Kim Thayil Talks With Bhi Bhiman For The Talkhouse Podcast

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Duo Discuss Being ‘Outsiders’ In Rock Music.

To be fair, there is not a whole lot of musicians about of South Asian descent. If I am wrong, plus set me straight. Kim Thayil, legendary guitarist with Soundgarden, and singer-songwriter Bhi Bhiman, are two of the most acclaimed. They sat down recently in KEXP’s studios in Seattle to talk it out for The Talkhouse Podcast. Some of the topics covered being self-described “outsiders in rock & roll,” their musical backstories, pleasure and pain, the role of baseball in assimilation, their first guitars, the Chi-Lites, Nirvana’s nickname for Thayil, dealing with fans and the meaning of the word “epistemological.” Listen to their conversation below.

Check out some Soundgarden and Bhi Bhiman below. Good times

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