Kleenex Girl Wonder – ‘No Joke’ | Overblown Video Premiere

The Comedy Album is out now via Reesonable.

It is definitely an odd music video. Created by Greg & Fake, it’s kind of like someone’s first foray into Microsoft Movie Maker with it’s abundance of emoticons and collection of seemingly random footage. However, it perfectly compliments ‘No Joke’ from indie rock trio Kleenex Girl Wonder. An oddball number with off kilter rhythms and a fuzzy, bouncy guitar lines,  it is made complete by Graham Smith’s vocals which are the cherry on top in their stream of consciousness quirkiness.

“This song takes the form of a relatively barn-burning rocker, although that is definitely an assessment that many people would take issue with, “says Smith. “I did buy an honest-to-goodness guitar slide for the leads, but it turns out I didn’t need it (and also don’t know how to use it, like at all). This song features the thesis of the album in the most direct form it probably takes on the album, by which I mean I will not tell you which line(s) I’m talking about because I like things to be fluid and uncertain. But know this: what Greg and Fake did with this video is a true triumph, and it took me MUCH longer than 30 minutes total to film all of the vocal takes in my apartment. I honestly do not know where they keep finding all of that footage.”

‘No Joke’ features on Kleenex Girl Wonder’s latest record The Comedy Album. It’s 76 minutes and out on double vinyl via Reesonable Records. After 20 years on the go, it’s the weirdest and wackiest the trio have ever been.

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