Knot – ‘Knot’ | Album Review


Knot’s self-titled debut album is out on August 28th via Exploding in Sound.

Boston’s Knot open their self titled album with a lackadaisical wobbly number ‘Fallow’. It sways, side to side, like the awkward slow dance at a hippie commune, it’s free-flowing, slightly jazzy and is easy to get immersed in the song itself rather than to seek comparison. But wait, “CAINE, THE SONG LENGTH” I hear you cry, red-eyed, giggling mini cheddars across the room. Yes yes, it is 4.20 in length. Not lost on me guys. I’ve smoked weed buddy. And I know popular numbers. Sneaky buggers.

But, that aside, let’s compare, for laughs. So, whether it’s my own yearn for simpler times or an actual fact, Knot remind me of Marcy Playground, a lot. Which is a great thing. The sweet and playful Americana twang is something that playfully invites you into a sunny, hazy, pollen soaked nostalgia. Along with Marcy Playground, there are elements of Smashing Pumpkins as the vocals ramp up slightly. The guitars bend towards some of Wilco’s oddities. Some of the musical trickery and pedal work make me think of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards EP Quarters. That slow-motion, expansive, jazzy psyche journey.

So a bit of context. Knot are a Boston based dreamy psych band. Until 2015 they were the wonky indie band ‘Krill’. They are all the same people as Krill but have hatched a new human to fit into this new project. His name is Joe DeManuelle Hall. The musicianship and subsequent communication between all members is technically brilliant. The songs feel like they have a free-flowing life of their own and its a joy to listen to. The production is the perfect blend to this colourful musical soup.

For the release of the album, Knot have pledged that the first $1000 in digital Bandcamp sales will be donated to Survived and Punished. This is a beautiful thing to do, made all the more poignant in such hard times for musicians. The cause and act get my respect. “Survived & Punished (S&P) is a coalition of defence campaigns and grassroots groups committed to eradicating the criminalization of survivors of domestic and sexual violence and the culture of violence that contributes to it.”

The standout track, along with ‘Fallow’, is Knot’s newest single ‘Horse Trotting, The Feet Not Touching the Ground’. It’s a floaty barbiturate fuelled mathy Americana whopper and then has this big BIG release that hits with tired and weary fists. Downbeaten and emotional.

So, the self-titled debut album, released through Exploding in Sound Records, feels like being led down a river at sunset by a charming, slightly mental hippie, blowing bubbles with his own spit and talking about the Grateful Dead, a lot. Slightly unhinged, lots of interesting ideas and pretty happy on the surface. But beneath lies something. But it’s OK BECAUSE LOOK AT ALL THE BUBBLES BABY. Take me for your crazy ride, you mad old bastard. I love you. Spit in your beard and all.

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