Kolumbus – ‘I Hope You Find Happiness’ (Overblown Track Premiere)

kolumbus I hope you find happiness premiere

‘I Hope You Find Happiness’ Is Out July 15.

Hailing from Kilkenny / Wicklow is a modest solo artist making brilliant music and it’s time you knew about him.

Mark ‘Cappy’ Caplice entered the music scene under the moniker Kolumbus with a Christmas single that, unbeknownst to most folks near or abroad, hit the No.1 spot on the Google Play Music Charts and Top 20 on iTunes, ahead of heavy hitters Adele and Justin Bieber. However, it wasn’t until his next single Leave The Light On’ that the normalcy of the non-Christmas music mindset allowed him to reach a wider audience.

Today we present you his new single ‘I Hope You Find Happiness’ from this 26-year-old Irish songwriter whose love of freedom and adventure led him to chose this particular stage name.  

This brilliant track features a quirky juxtaposition. While The Smiths, for instance, became famous for utilising this technique in their songs (happy music, depressing lyrics), Kolumbus takes a different approach – here you find optimistic and hopeful (if not well-wishing) lyrics and music against the background of a tragic situation. This formula rings true in both this new and his previous single ‘Leave The Light On’ and it is one that is inspiring, especially considering the plethora of negative and middle-of-the-road music out there these days.  

Caplice wrote ‘I Hope You Find Happiness’ about something very dear to his heart: the many Irish people who have left their country to eek out a livelihood in some other part of the world. “They had to leave family, friends loved ones behind to fly half way across the world. So many of my own friends and close family were among them and I saw first hand how difficult it is, both for those who leave and those who stay,” explains Kolumbus. “I would never hold it against anyone for leaving. Life is too short to dwell on anything.”

Both of Kolumbus’ 2016 singles were produced by Gavin Glass, the music director for John Carney’s new film “Sing Street”, and engineered by Scott Halliday, previously a guitar tech with Prince and James Vincent Mcmorrow. They also feature several other notable musicians: drummer Graham Hopkins, who plays with Irish folk legend Glen Hansard, and organist Conor O’Reilly, who has recorded with U2 and had his music performed in Carnegie Hall.

Now on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, the new single goes on sale via iTunes as of July 15. In the meantime, ‘Leave The Light On’ and several other Kolumbus tracks are available for free download via the artist’s website.

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