Krill Share ‘Tiger’ and hit the UK

Krill A Distant Fist Unclenched

Boston based Krill recently shared their new song ‘Tiger’ on Rolling Stone and on their Facebook page said “this is like that scene in Almost Famous… w the plane”. I’d love to tell you that listening to Krill is kinda like having a near death aeroplane experience but having never found myself in that situation it would be drama for drama’s sake. I have experienced the drama of listening to Krill though. It’s weird sometimes, melodic a lot of the time, rocking a lot of the time, fascinating most of the time and excellent all of the time.

‘Tiger’ is taken from their forthcoming album A Distant Fist Unclenched and, like all their previous records, will be released on Exploding in Sound Records, a somewhat brilliant label with a chokingly good roster of bands. In the UK it’ll be coming out on Steak Club records.  Also from the new album, ‘Torturer’ is a bewildering song, bewilderingly good of course. There are beats and bass lines all over the place and towering wailing guitars all wrapped in repetitively confused sounding lyrics. It’s a post-rock pleasure. Krill sound like they write fairly straightforward songs then stick them on the fairground waltzer to see what dizzying, disoriented sounds fall back off. They might feel ill for a while but when the brain straightens itself out it makes perfect sense and the fun is all worth while.

You know, a supposedly good way to treat anxiety and stress is to clench your fists as hard as you possibly can until your knuckles go completely white and your fingernails are pretty much breaking the skin on your palms. Go on, really hold that grip until it hurts like hell. Then release it and feel the tension soothingly leave your body. Or you could just listen to Krill.

Krill’s album A Distant Fist Unclenched is released on 16th Feb

UK / Europe – To Order the CD or Vinyl (which looks ace) visit here

US vinyl lovers should go here

Krill visit the UK for the first time in Feb and play the following shows:
23rd Feb – Gulliver’s, Manchester
24th Feb – Brudnell Social Club, Leeds
25th Feb – Old Blue Last, London
27th Feb – Broadcast, Glasgow
28th Feb – Start the Bus, Bristol
1st March – Green Door Stoor, Brighton
They then head to France, Belgium, Holland and Germany before returning for several dates on home turf. Go see them.

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