L-Space – Backup Baby – Overblown Video Premiere

L-Space are an electronic dream. The band hail from various locations across Scotland’s Central Belt and are recent signings to the Last Night From Glasgow label. Overblown had the pleasure of catching their live show recently at the label’s 2nd birthday party. We were nothing less than absolutely thrilled to see them and hear them justifying the excitement that surrounds them. ‘Backup Baby’ is their second single for LNFG and here’s the first play of the accompanying video. It’s something along the lines of Black Mirror running a TV shopping channel with some amusing facts about each band member thrown in for good measure. The song itself fits firmly in the dream pop category, the keyboards and soft vocals float above its beats, it’s what I assume being in heaven would sound like. The band claim to make music for a better future which is a lovely ambition. Thankfully they’re making the present all the more acceptable in the process.

L-Space release Backup Baby on 25th May on Last Night From Glasgow. Get it here

Catch L-Space live at the following shows:
9th June at Behind the Wall, Falkirk (as part of the Razur Cuts V event)
21st June at Leith Depot with Adam Stafford, Kits and Pocket Knife (SAMH Fundraiser)

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