Label Dissection #3: Instant Classic

instant classic

Who are they? Two Polish friends who were united by a love of music and vinyl.

What acts have they got? A range of Polish bands and musicians such as Alameda 3/5, Innercity Ensemble, The Dead Goats, Thaw, The Stubs, X-NaVI:et, BelzebonG, Waclaw Zimpel, ARRM, as well having released material by international acts such as Kayo Dot and Merzbow.

What’s their deal? Instant Classic don’t have much more of a deal than that they love music of no particular type and seek to share this love with the world. All their releases are of limited print but they also make them available online thankfully.

Why do we love them? Sheer unpredictability. There is a simply startling variety of music available from Instant Classic, ranging from bluesy, garage rock to death metal, minimalist free jazz to meditative Indian, electronic orchestral pieces.

What have they got to say for themselves? “We just release what we like and find interesting. You can find in my collection both Sun Ra and Mayhem. It may seem weird for someone having [their] first encounter with Instant Classic and seeing death metal band Dead Goats alongside a minimalistic, almost classical Wacław Zimpel record,” founder Maciek Stankiewicz told Bandcamp in 2016.

“All those prizes and positive reviews are important, but we’re most proud of the fact that some artists can now create music full time. Records they released in Instant Classic helped them gain financial independence.”

On the founding of, and first release from, the label, Soundtracks for the Dying Moments by X:Navi-et (Rafał Iwański): “We went to Rafał’s show in Kraków’s Eszeweria. Arek had run another label in the past, concentrated more on, as I call it, basement doom metal, but had to close it. After Rafał’s show, we were so enchanted by his music, that we thought we could give a label a try together with music that was a bit different.”

Most recent release? Guiding Lights – New Ways To Feel Bad, out 12th March 2017

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