Laughed The Boy – ‘Here is Fine’ | Track by Track

laughed the boy

Here is Fine is out now.

I never realised there was a fine line between playful and melancholic until I listened to the alt/jangle pop of Laughed the Boy. Here is Fine is the latest release from the trio and it is a expert guide in how to create music that is at once frivolous and imbued with meaning.

We spoke to the band about each track on the record and they told us all about leadership by default, sarcasm, and apathy.

Here is Fine.

Here is Fine is a collection of more personal and reflective songs I wrote over the past year. Most of it was written while I was unemployed and spent most of my days at home making the most of my time by trying out new ideas. It came together naturally because I was able to devote so much time to it. Some songs I demoed 3 times just to see how they sounded with different styles.

When I felt happy with the general structure of the songs we jammed them as a band and played some of the songs live which really helped solidify them before we went into the studio. The album title comes from the feeling that even when things don’t seem to be going your way, as long as you’re with people that make you happy you can feel fine with where you are. Sometimes I worry too much about my future or if I’ve made the best decisions in the past, but I have to learn to appreciate what I have right now.

1. Indifferent

This song was written about an experience at a mall where I was by myself and noticing how crazy everyone around me seemed, which I usually wouldnt’t notice because I’d be there with my girlfriend or a friend. I also thought about how there’s no point in being self conscious because it’s not as if people there cared about what I was doing. So even though it sounds negative, I came away with a calming feeling of indifference to my surroundings. This was one of the first songs we started playing as a full band.

2. Autumn

A back and forth between the two sides of my psyche. Sometimes I stress and put pressure on myself and question what I’m doing, other times I just stop caring and relax. I wrote the opening melody at work on a beautiful autumn day which is where the name comes from.

3. Bell Rock

There are a few different versions of this song, it started as a video game sounding song I wrote on keyboard but we ended up jamming this version and rolled with it. It deals with self doubt in trying to get the attention of someone, and how you can sometimes overthink the situation.

4. Ice Cream

This song was originally on our “Out of the Blue” EP but we thought it suited the album and added it last second. I really enjoyed writing this song, it was originally pretty short but then we added that interlude in the middle to give it another layer. Lyrically it deals with being put in a position of leadership by default and learning on the job.

5. Double Down

I wrote the bass line for this song on a digitech whammy many years ago and only last year finally turned it into an actual song. I like writing songs like this because they’re straight forward and I didn’t have to think too much about the structure, it’s just a fun tune for us to play.

6. Trip Down the Gold Mine

Sean wrote this song for his other project but I really liked it and asked him if we could put it on the album. I played the bass and Sean did everything else. We recorded the bass and drums together in one take; probably our favourite of the session. We had a lot of fun with the recording process, with different keys, organs and layers of guitars.

7. I Sold Out For This?

I wrote this song the day after Indifferent and originally was going to make this the second song after Indifferent for that reason. I realized after we recorded it that it was faster than I intended on it being. We left the piano part open until the end of the session because I wasn’t sure what we should put there but ended up using the vintage piano that was in the studio.

8. Warm Hands, Cold Feet

This song almost didn’t make the album because we weren’t sure there would be time for it, but Sean really wanted to play it so we did. I thought it’d be quick and easy but we had to do a bunch of drum and bass takes because we couldn’t seem to settle on a tempo we felt comfortable with. I wrote this song sarcastically when I was having a lot of bad luck and was basically just daring life to throw more bad luck at me.

9. New Virginia

Another song that had multiple versions, it was originally a song called Virginia with the same melody (hence the name). Some songs I spend a while on before playing them live, this one I wrote and we started playing it right away because I liked the mood.

10. Acutane

This song is actually about 7 years old. I almost recorded it with my other band Busker Bros. but it never came to fruition. I got to a point where I said whichever release I do next, this will be the last song. It’s not actually about acutane, but I did write it while I was briefly taking it.

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