Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES) Chats With Haim For The Talkhouse Project

lauren mayberry haim

They All Hung Out At Pitchfork Music Festival To Shoot The Shit.

The people love CHVRCHES and Haim, and why wouldn’t they? Two pretty damn good bands in Overblown’s book. Anyway Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES recently hung out with the girls from Haim at Pichfork Music Festival to have a good chat. They talked about: how to deal with getting hit in the face with a beachball in front of thousands of people, mesmerizing Afros, panic-vomiting, forgetting lyrics on stage and, most importantly, how to pronounce GIF.

Sounds like they had a laugh, eh? Make sure you check out The Talkhouse, one of the best music websites on the whole entire net buddies!

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