LE BOOM Interview: “We destroyed the apartment with paint & fruit”

le boom interview

New single ‘Talk To Me’ out this month.

We may mostly focus on things that lie on the heavier end of the spectrum here on Overblown, but don’t let it be said that we don’t enjoy a synth pop gem. Enter Irish duo LE BOOM and their debut single ‘What We Do’. Combining shimmering synths, hand claps, deft melodies, and a dream-like sense of wonder, the track is without doubt one of our favourite pop tracks we’ve heard in yonks.

We spoke to Chris and Aimie from LE BOOM about keeping things D.I.Y., their upcoming track ‘Talk to Me’, and destroying apartments.

Overblown: Your debut single ‘What We Do’ has been pretty much immediately popular, appearing in ads and getting much plaudits. Did this surprise you?

Chris: It did surprise us a bit. To be honest, we hadn’t really planned on releasing a track last summer but because we had some dates booked in the US, we needed a release to promote the shows. It got some nice media attention in the US at the time but it wasn’t until our Hard Working Class Heroes gig in October that it started to do the rounds here in Ireland.

Aimie: The ads and stuff have definitely been amazing for us in terms of getting the name out there.

O: You just started working together in June 2016. How did you get together?

Chris: Yeah, I had seen Aimie play a few times and really liked her as a performer. Le Boom was booked for a slot at a festival in June and I asked Aimie to play percussion for it. The gig felt great and we were blown away by the response from the crowd. Aimie brought an amazing energy to it all. Pretty soon after that, we started to plan our next steps for Le Boom as a duo.

O: In terms of song-writing, do you have a particular process that you follow? Is there a formula?

Aimie: Not really. Sometimes it starts with a few chords and a melody and other times with a beat or a bass line. We don’t really have a formula.

Chris: We both listen to loads of different genres of music- Aimie’s mad into techno and I’m more into DFA Records type of stuff but when we sit down together it seems to all fit nicely.

O: You have a new release coming out this month. What can you tell us about that?

Aimie: Yeah, we’re really excited to share it. It’s called ‘Talk To Me’ and we recorded it the kitchen of Chris’ apartment in Dublin.

We tried out loads of new things in this song and definitely moved outside our comfort zone – for example, we’ve thrown in a kind of rap loop which is basically Chris rapping with a pitched-down voice. Things like that make the release even more exciting for us.

O: You seem to be very hands on and DIY focused, doing everything from writing, recording, editing videos, and making CD covers for LE BOOM. Are you into the DIY ethos or is this done out of necessity?

Aimie: We are both definitely into the DIY thing. That’s partly because we love to have full creative control over what we’re doing but mostly because we just have so much fun doing it ourselves.

Chris: Last Thursday night, we spent the whole night – from about 8pm til 6 or 7 the next morning – shooting video footage for ‘Talk To Me’. We destroyed the apartment with paint and fruit and loads of weird stuff but it was such a great laugh.

We had initially been quite keen to get some professionals in to work on our videos but when we started doing it ourselves, it was so much fun that we didn’t want to involve anyone else.

Aimie: Even if we had loads of money at this stage I think we’d still end up doing it ourselves.

O: Le Boom’s late night art parties are gathering quite a following. Can you tell us a bit a about them?

Chris: Yeah, well the art-party thing started in New York. They were basically all-night warehouse-parties run by art-school students that Chris was playing at. We’ve tried to capture some of that party-vibe and bring it to our own Le Boom shows here in Ireland.

Aimie: All of our headlines so far have started after midnight which is definitely a better time for the party buzz.

O: You played in Iceland recently. Any interesting anecdotes?

Aimie: Yeah, we played a show with Meltybrains? in Reykjavik with Feel Good Lost and Music From Ireland. The show was great. We were really happy that the show attracted such a big crowd.

Chris: It was also a very beautiful place. Interesting anecdotes? Not sure really. We had never spent 12 euro on a pint before so that was interesting and heart-breaking at the same time. To be honest, it wasn’t massively rock n roll.

Aimie: We spent most of our time there hanging out in heated outdoor baths.

O: What is LE BOOM’s goal for 2017?

Chris: To stop eating crap when we’re on the road.

Aimie: Get kind of fit; release some more tracks.

Chris: Gig like mad… and get signed.

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