Le Trouble Interview: “Contains the usual exaggerations & flights of fancy”

Le Trouble

New EP Success Mountain is out now.

Canada, eh? That’s where indie rock outfit Le Trouble hail. Well, all I can say is that Canada must be the land of the melody. This quintet mix in more tasty melodies in one track than most bands manage in a discography. That’s not the clincher though. The clincher is the raw energy. Check out the opener on their new EP Success Mountain It’s called ‘The Bench’ and it is a raucous and driving rock song that doesn’t have to resort to blunt force trauma to hit the listener where it hurts.

We spoke to Maxime (bass) all about Success Mountain, serpas, and collages.

Overblown: Tell us a bit about your new single ‘The Bench’. What inspired the song?

Maxime: Our drummer (Jesse) had hit on a great riff and some lyrics a few months back. We were all set to get in and demo the tune as a band when we found out that a few of our dear friends had lost their jobs at the studio. The “Permanent Rage” chorus and adlib outro were an unrehearsed, pissed-off response to that news. I guess it had more personal truth in it than I (Michael, vocals) knew at the time. I was uncomfortable with how raw the take and sentiment are, but I’m glad the boys insisted we keep it. It works.

Overblown: Where did the title of the new record, Success Mountain, come from?

Maxime: As usual, it started with a joke and somehow it seemed like the perfect image, to sum up how it feels listening to people around us telling us how to make it to the top. It took us a while to remember we’re no climbers, we just want to have fun and do things our way.

Overblown: How is the record similar or different from your previous album, Making Matters Worse?

Maxime: By the time we were touring Making Matters Worse in Europe, we had ditched most of team and luggage about a 10th of the way up success mountain. Somehow it felt lighter and a bunch of songs just happened naturally. So we went back to base camp and our trusted sherpa Peter Van UytFanck, found a magical studio in the woods and had the best time ever recording music.

Overblown: I love the album artwork. Who designed it and what is the concept behind it?

Maxime: Thanks, I did (Maxime, guitar). I just went crazy cutting up and piecing together illustrations from an old Canadian Landscape Encyclopedia. The actual collage is quite big (1m x 1m) and the process took a week and a whole room in my flat. It represents the many pitfalls on the way up treacherous Success Mountain.

Overblown: Another song I love on the album is ‘See What Happens Next’. Is that autobiographical?

Maxime: In as much as any autobiographical work is true, yes – it contains the usual exaggerations and flights of fancy. But the sentiment of losing or giving up one’s identity to love was certainly something I felt at the time.

Overblown: What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2019?

Maxime: You tell me! We’re looking forward to playing these songs live so spread the word. We’ll be there if you want us.

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