Less Win: Five Albums That Inspired ‘TRUST’

less win trust

TRUST Is Out June 17th Via The Big Oil Recording Company.

In the latter half of last month, Danish post punks Less Win announced the release of their debut album TRUST with the release of the strident and cacophanic  lead single ‘Bury The Heart’. Imagine a free jazz ensemble playing over Mission of Burma and you’re kind of on the right track. Anyway, you can listen to the track above.

Intrigued by the track and the inspiration behind their album, we contacted the band and Casper Morilla (vocals, guitar) was good enough to tell us about five albums that were integral to the formulation of their debut.

5. DNA – DNA on DNA.

A while back Patrick (Kociszewski – vocals, bass) played me a DNA song (“5:30”). I disliked it at first, then it fascinated me. It turned out to be an epiphanic experience. Now I don’t understand how this isn’t a radio staple.

4. Laughing Clowns – Laughing Clowns EP

Being from Tasmania, Matthew has brought us a good handful of groups from Down Under: Venom P. Stinger, Laughing Clowns, etc. (my hand is very small). Both bands have probably contributed to the way we perform some of the songs on the album. I say ‘probably’ because we don’t sit and work out what band our next song should sound like.

3. Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson

What more do you want from an album?

2. Maurice Ravel – Bolero

We were at our usual bar on a Sunday night with some mates. Matthew went for a stroll and came back with a bunch of LP’s. Apparently there was a box full of them left outside a charity shop around the corner from where we were sitting. Later on I went and picked up some classical music, amongst other things, El Bolero by Ravel was one of my choices. That song was the soundtrack for me while writing my contributions to ‘TRUST’. I also brought home Tchaikovsky’s ‘ Swan Lake’ – you might notice a reference in one of our songs.

1. Felt – Forever Breathes the Lonely Word

I had borrowed a Creation Records compilation from the library. ‘All the People I Like Are Those That Are Dead’ struck me as genius. I haven’t found the LP yet. Later I found that Lawrence had hosted a show on Domino Radio. The playlist is quality. I’m still puzzled why these groups haven’t become the new standards of writing pop songs. Take Sudden Sway, for example!

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