Premiere: Life Model – Long Way Round

We’ve been loving Life Model for quite some time now which makes it all the more thrilling to bring you the first listen of ‘Long Way Round’, a track from their forthcoming Real Estate split single on Double A-Side Records. This particular track has been a highlight of their always excellent live set for some time now. Satisfyingly chunky guitars and an ominous, brooding bass line are a perfect sound bed for Sophie Evans’ echoing vocals to float across.

The single is a split with Home Economics. It’ll be available on coloured 7″ as well as on the usual digital outlets. Best of all is the launch party happening at Glasgow’s Old Hairdressers on Saturday 24th November which will feature the two bands from the single as well as Tongue Trap. The best way to behave if you’re anywhere near Glasgow would be to buy the ticket / vinyl bundle for a tenner which is ridiculously good value.

Get tickets / vinyl bundle for the release party on 24th November right here

Life Model are playing the following shows:
3rd November at the Aberfeldy Festival
19th November at Broadcast, Glasgow in support of Chorusgirl

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