Life Model – Tour Diary

Meet Life Model, a band to love for their music, which of course is the main reason to love any band. There’s more to it than that though. More reasons to love a band enough to make sites like this want to cover them in any way we can. For bands like Life Model, and many others like them, it’s about work, effort and determination to make as much out of the band as possible. It’s not cheap either and a potential nightmare to try and get everyone off work at the same time to take your music around the country. It’s about believing in yourself and your mates, having faith in what you’re putting together. It’s the epitome of DIY. So Life Model, and all the other bands working their asses off around the world, we salute you.

Life Model are a dream pop band from Glasgow although we reckon there’s a little more crunch to their sound than your average dream-popper. They recently stuffed their van with all their gear to set off on a mini-tour around the UK. They also packed fellow Glaswegians Killer Bangs (another brilliant band – check ’em out) into the van to share the shows. A glorious double bill if ever we saw one. Life Model were kind enough to provide us with a few words and pictures to document their journey. Over to them…


Tour starts now! Us and our best pals Killer Bangs outside our lovely van (thanks for hooking us up Danny!) ready for our mini-tour!

LM Pic 1

Ethical Artisans – Alsager
Our first stop was Ethical Artisans in Alsager – a nice little shop with a cool gig space in the basement. We forgot to get a picture of us playing (oops) but here are Killer Bangs being awesome!

LM Pic 2

The gig was followed by some amazing pasta (thanks Pete and Jo!!) and some time hanging out with Peanut the dog.

LM Pic3

Pop Recs – Sunderland
We detoured to Manchester and Durham on the way to Sunderland but we got there eventually!

LM Pic 4

This was the first time we’d played in Sunderland, so we were really happy to get to play in such a cool record shop to a really nice bunch of people. Charlene from Killer Bangs  joined us on stage for our cover of Classy by Kenickie!

LM Pic 5

Brothers in noise. Cam, Michael and Chris during some downtime.

LM Pic 6

The Cumberland Arms – Newcastle
Newcastle is our second home so we were really excited to play the Cumberland Arms again. We were joined by Stealing Kittens for this show which was really cool!

LM Pic 7

We tried our best at some audience participation during the show.

LM Pic 8

After the show we cemented our Del Bang family bond.

LM Pic 9

Final Del Bang family photo before we say goodbye to Killer Bangs! <3

LM Pic 10

King Tut’s – Glasgow

After a few days off we’re back in Glasgow for King Tut’s Summer Nights with our pals Home$lice. This turned out to be a really fun show, with Spinelli and Joshua Gray also supporting, who were both awesome. Big love to Ronan from Sweaty Palms for sorting us out with some Billie Piper walk on music too!

LM Pic 11

Chris took the phrase shred it a little too literally!

LM Pic 12

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