Listen to “Blood Beat” & “Ancestor” By MOUTH

listen to mouth ancestor blood beat

German / Scottish / Italian trio MOUTH have released two singles from their recently recorded debut album Núna, due for release in January 2015. With fire in her stomach & passion in her voice, frontwoman Theresa Elflein blazes a trail across dark landscapes with energy, wit and unerring invention. That’s the first thought, anyway. The second is my it’s cold today, and do I really have to get out of my dressing gown? Luckily, this kind of music is a good motivator.

‘Ancestor’ takes its cue from ’90s indie rock (a certain Radiohead track in particular springs to mind), though the association is quickly dismissed as the song slots neatly into a trip-hop-ish groove. From thereon in, the track beguiles the listener with melody before delivering its killer blow. ‘Blood Beat’ is similarly percussive, electronic this time, and colonizes your head without warning – pop music absent of all the usual props, but pop music all the same. Núna is Icelandic for ‘Now’ – a state of being, of immediacy or impatience – which aptly reflects the group’s sound. There’s no perfect box to put them in – and while saying “hard to categorize” in a press release can often be translated as “we don’t really know what we’re doing”, MOUTH know exactly who they are and where they’re headed. We wish them the best of luck, and hope it’s slightly warmer than here.

‘Ancestor // Blood Beat’ is available now from the group’s Bandcamp, self-produced and mastered by Matty Moon.

MOUTH also play a select number of live dates before the year is up:


7th London Tooting Tram & Social

19th Cambridge CB2 Basement