Listen to C. Duncan’s Debut Single “For”

Brighton’s Fat Cat Records’ latest discovery C Duncan originally gained the label’s attention by uploading a few tracks to their submissions page. A year later, his debut single “For” is set for release on November 24th and precedes his debut album which is expected to be released next summer. If the completed album is anything like this single, it could be an album of the year contender. Upon release, the single will be available for free digital download. Sweet.

The track is an ethereal, haunting, Nick Drake-esque folk track with low key electronic embellishments. The song, and Duncan’s entire album, were recorded solely by the singer/songwriter in his Glasgow flat, which makes the layered nature of the track all the more striking. Choral vocals weave in and out of the gentle melodies on offer, while a simply plucked acoustic guitar keeps the whole track knitted together. Everything is intricate, precise, and yet breathlessly effortless and relaxed.

Comparisons have been made to Fleet Foxes’ lush harmonies, but, to us, the track harks back to the folk revival of the 60s. Think The Fairport Convention’s “She Moves Through The Fair” or Pentangle’s “Lord Franklin”.

Duncan is in the process of assembling what will need to be a very capable live band; expect live dates to follow in the near future.