Listen to “Cortége” by Loah – Sierra Leonean/Irish Soul

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You know, people bang on and on and on about how immigration is a terrible thing. As if it is one of the fundamental reasons that is the cause of all the ills of society. Fucking idiots. Read a book. To them, I present Loah. Loah is Sallay Matu Garnett, a singer/songwriter of Sierra Leonean/Irish origins. She grew up in the rather odd and wonderful mix of Maynooth and West Africa. If there has ever been evidence that immigration is not only not a bad thing, but is in fact a wonderful thing, she is surely it.

“Cortége”, which is an absolutely astounding combination of folk and soul, is her second release following the release of “The Bailey” earlier this year. The track begins with a delicate acapella section, which almost sounds like a lament, before piano and a funky groove enter proceedings to lead the song to new soulful and joyful territory. I challenge you not to have a wee dance to this one.

Next year will see the release of her debut EP, and a tour of Ireland and the UK. I know where I’ll be. Front and centre.

Check out the video for “Cortége” and first single “The Bailey” below:

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