Listen To “I Don’t Want To Be Sad Anymore” By Supercrush

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Ever wish that guitar pop from the 90s became the established norm for chart music? Supercrush sure do. Hailing from Vancouver, the duo jangle their way through lackadaisical harmonies and loads of grinning, joyful major chords. This could be on the soundtrack to a Richard Linklater flick, accompanying Ethan Hawke on the difficult journey from boy to man boy to man. Think of The Lemonheads at their most saccharine, with their big gay hearts and drug buddies.

It’s not only musically that the duo recall The Lemonheads. Like Lemonheads’ bandleader Evan Dando, Supercrush’s songwriter Mark Palm also did his time in hardcore, punk, and metal bands before eventually attempting to explore a more digestible, sunny sound.

If you are a youngster, and not familiar with the bleached blonde laid back sounds of The Lemonheads, a more modern touching point might be Scotland’s Honeyblood. They both sport their influences on their sleeves and tons of melody up them. Quite proud of that one to be honest.

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