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This piano piece is astonishing. Absolutely astonishing. Delicate, melancholic, and yet imbued with an air of hope, the song is a sunrise, signifying rebirth, opportunity, and hope. I think I want to listen to this, every morning, for the rest of my life. Lubomyr Melnyk was first introduced to a wider audience by the ever reliably amazing Erased Tapes Records last year with the release of his Corollaries Ep. “Evertina” is the title track from his upcoming long-form EP, which will consist of three newly composed solo piano pieces.

In 2012 Lubomyr’s ears began to notice the remarkable tonal depth of upright pianos. To Lubomyr the upright piano sound is like a natural forest of microcosmic colours. ‘Evertina’ and ‘Awaiting’ were created on a middle-aged upright piano at a friend’s home in New York in October 2012 – just before Hurricane Sandy hit the city. Some children were listening to Lubomyr as he played in a hotel lobby in Cologne and ‘Butterfly’ is the piece that he made for them. It was recorded on a battered grand piano somewhere in Switzerland in late 2013, with the lid closed down to soften the effect. ‘Evertina’ will be available on 10″ vinyl, CD and download from December 15th.

“These three pieces fit so nicely together in spirit, they present a tableau, a tiny triptych that can reach the world without waiting for a major work, they stand beautifully on their own, and do not need an album to surround them with comfort and padding. No, they are what they are, and a short musical interlude as this record gives, is just perfect for their nature.” – Lubomyr Melnyk

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Tour dates:

27.11. LONDON (UK)
Royal Albert Hall
28.11. LONDON (UK)
The English-Speaking Union
29.11. BRISTOL (UK)
Colston Hall
30.11. TILBURG (NL)
Concertzaal Tilburg
Nova Frequencias
25.01. COLOGNE (DE)
30.01. VIENNA (AT)

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