Listen To ‘Fad 1995’ By Silverbacks

Listen To 'Fad 1995' By Silverbacks

I feel old. The Smashing Pumpkins sang about 1979. 1979 was before I was born and I could listen to the song and marvel at how the tribulations of teenagers in 1979 were remarkably like my own in the late 90s. In 2014, Dublin post-punk quartet Silverbacks are singing about ‘Fad 1995’. I can remember 1995 vividly: Oasis, Blur, the death of grunge, Eric Cantona kicking people, and ‘1979’ by The Smashing Pumpkins. All that still feels current to me, not like information from an episode of ‘Reeling in the Years’.

Lethargy imbues this post. To be honest, I’m a bit wrecked after a weekend in Bristol. Forgive me.

Don’t let the coincidence that Silverbacks have released a song that references the year in which the Smashing Pumpkins released ‘1979’ fool you into thinking that they bear a resemblance to the legendary Chicago alt rockers. Where the Pumpkins were grandiose, bombastic, and flamboyant, ‘Fad 1995’ by Silverbacks is more restrained, thoughtful, and introverted. Kind of like a less angry version of Fugazi; post-post-hardcore.

The track is the first single from the band’s upcoming record Hot Bath, which was recorded throughout 2014, and will see release next year.

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