Listen to “In My Head” By Blue & Gold

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Sex sells. Am I right? Billy Corgan claims it’s because of sex that he can’t compete with young upstarts. Hmm, or maybe it’s because he has become a parody of himself. At any rate, I digress. Brooklyn’s Blue & Gold bring the sex. “In My Head” is the lead single and title track of their upcoming debut record and slithers and seduces in knee high nylons and promises of debauchery. It’s wearing a trenchcoat and nothing underneath (just the nylons). It’s roleplaying a seduction at the bar. It’s leading you down an alleyway, lit by flickering fluorescent lights.

The appeal of the band’s sound is that it melds an indie sensibility with sheer rawk sensuality. It’s like Joan Jett fronting Motley Crue covering The White Stripes. Keep an eye out for upcoming second single “Tommy Gun”. Apparently the track, “starts out with jangly guitars and sunny surf rock melodies. But the band quickly blasts away that mellow mood with crashing cymbals, massive riffs, and pulsing bass.” Note all the terms with sexual connotations. Massive, pulsing blasts indeed.

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