Listen To The Lo-Fi Indie Charm of CHUCK

chuck wipe out

Debut Album My Band Is A Computer  Out Now Via Audio Antihero / Old Money Records.

There’s a singer songwriter from Brooklyn that goes by the name of CHUCK. He crafts charming and whimsical lofi indie songs. For instance, check out ‘Happy New Years Babe’ streaming above. Somehow it is both lo-fi, twee and lush, a romantic and idyllic ode to a girl. The synth work is distinctly old fashioned, creating an innocent atmosphere when combined with the major chord arrangement and CHUCK’S unguarded and naive vocal.

Another cut, ‘Wipe Out’ streaming below, takes things in a more pop shoegaze direction with fuzzed up guitars and big drums forming a potent combination with CHUCK’S Will Toledo/Bruce Springsteen-esque kitchen sink drama lyrics. I think CHUCK’S my new favourite artist.

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