Listen to “So Long” By Anomie

Sometimes you need a break from your day job, which is exactly what Anomie is for Rachel Browne, vocalist and guitarist for Field Mouse, the alt-pop trio who call Philadelphia and New York home. “So Long”, the first single  from Anomie’s debut self titled EP, is gleeful in it’s no strings attached indie pop rock. Driven by fuzzed out guitars, and a driving bass and drums combo, the track is bouncy and a whole crash cart full of fun.

The EP will be released via Father/Daughter Records, and remarkably this is the third band we have featured from this label in the last week after Never Young, and Diet Cig. I mention this, because I reckon the label is pretty special. According to the bio on their website, “Father/Daughter are two folks, bound by blood but years apart. Run out of two homes in San Francisco and Miami, the love of music brings this long distance family just that much closer.” I don’t know what you think, but that pretty much sounds like the best reason to start a record label. Ever. Like Sauron watched Middle Earth, Overblown will be keeping a watchful eye on this burgeoning label.

Anomie’s EP is out on February 10th. Purchase it here.

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