Listen To “Pink Tape” By Terrorista

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Terrorista come from Toronto and there’s two of them. Apparently they are a lo-fi post-post-post-punk band, which is fine by us. They just added Overblown on Twitter so we figured we’d give them a listen. A sexily pleasant surprise. After a cursory Google search it seems to us that this cassette release is their first release, and also the first release in a set of four cassettes which are all planned for release in 2014. We invite Terrorista to correct our shoddy research.

There’s two tracks on here. “Philip Seymour Hoffman”, obviously named for the late actor, is an upbeat melodic track and sounds more akin to post-post-post-hardcore than post-post-post-punk (lol). It’s a bass heavy stomp with a stream of consciousness vocal delivery.

“Brand New Language” is a breezy track with a lovely little piano motif in the pre-chorus, and delightful “Yeah, yeah, yeah” vocal parts. Catchy as fuck.

You can download the tracks for free, or buy the physical cassette on the duo’s Bandcamp.

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