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Back in October we implored you to check out Pink Tape by Terrorista. It was an energetic mixture of fuzzed up melody and post-hardcore lo-fi sensibilities. We loved it. If you haven’t already listened to it, you should probably get your thumb out of your ass and slap on those over sized headphones. On December 2nd, Terrorista returned with the follow up to Pink Tape. It’s the second in a series of four cassette tapes that will eventually comprise Terrorista’s debut LP, which is, as of yet, untitled. Purple Tape continues and expands on the sound that the Toronto duo presented on their first cassette.

My Dad has catchphrases. He loves them. They’ve kind of become family mottoes. One of them is: “You couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag.” This is what I imagine “Darren vs Bag” is about. In my mind, the track is the soundtrack to the hapless Darren struggling fruitlessly to escape from the enormous moist carrier bag. The poor chap. The track is aces.

If the tracks Terrorista have released so far comprise a house, then “Double Negative” is an extension built onto the side of aforementioned house without the appropriate planning permission. It is the longest, most reflective, and most subdued track the duo have released thus far. However, it maintains their lo-fi shtick, and the rough and ready approach prevents the track from becoming saccharine and maudlin.

You can download the tracks for free, or purchase the cassette via the band’s Bandcamp page.

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