Listen to ‘Scene Sick’ by Diet Cig

Diet Cig - Over Easy - EP Review

It’s been a long week, the weather sucks, and pay-day is still merely a dot on the horizon of a month that seems to be going on forever… But fear not, because indie-pop newbies Diet Cig have released their first ever track, ahead of  debut EP ‘Over Easy’ due in February. So it’s all good really. Hailing from New Paltz (that’s upstate New York – I checked) the duo, comprised of vocalist Alex Luciano, and Noah Bowman on drums, create no holds barred, straight up indie-pop.

At just over a minute and a half long, teaser track ‘Scene Sick’ is a tantalising glimpse of very good things to come. Luciano’s sweetly, waif-like vocals are incongruous with lyrics ‘I’m sick of hearing about your band” and “fuck all your romance/ I just wanna dance”. And there’s definitely a firmly worded warning to any future critics, as she croons “I don’t wanna hear about/ who you think I am”.  Add in upbeat, bashy percussion from Bowman, the very occasional guitar chord, and plenty of chorus repetitions, and you have the makings of a perfect ‘sing-along in your car and fuck what the other drivers think’ track.

You probably won’t have heard of Diet Cig (up until this week pretty much no one had). But that’s all the more reason to check them out this weekend. They’ll cheer you up, we promise.

 Diet Cig’s ‘Over Easy’ EP is out 24th February via Father/Daughter Records