Listen to “Suffocate” by Night Games

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Man, I just love it when a band comes from nowhere. These guys haven’t even played a gig yet! I feel like they’re my little secret, but I guess I’m willing to share them with you. Night Games are a London based cinematic electronic duo. They’ve just released their debut track “Suffocate”, and it is a fucking gem. The track is some ambient downtempo trip hop awesomeness crafted by the producer half of the duo Paul. Meanwhile Constance’s vocals soar with a engrossing sultry passion over the top, majestic and perfect like a bird of prey but not as menacing. Think Portishead, but, despite the title of the track, less claustrophobic, more human.

It’s a track to watch the sun come up to. A White Russian in one hand and snapshot memories of the preceding night in the other. If you don’t think this track is tops, then I don’t think we can be friends.

Apparently, the duo will be playing their debut gig soon. Presumably in London. Keep your eyes peeled.