Listen To ‘1’ By Anna B Savage

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I don’t really know much at this point about Anna B Savage, other than, according to her Facebook page, her Mum says she was, “A nice surprise.” I also know that her debut track, ‘1’, is shockingly intimate. Witness the opening line, “He’s left the lights on, so I’ve kept my shirt on.” Detailing the song’s narrator’s experience with cruelly judgmental sexual partners, it has a universality and forthrightness that is endearing. The intimacy is enhanced by the minimalism of the instrumentation, as for nearly three quarters of the song the only things accompanying Savage’s warm voice are a plucked electric guitar and occasional piano. So much so that by the time Savage sings, “It’s been said that I am strong/ And they’re not entirely wrong/ But I ran, I ran, I ran from him/ Like I’ve done from all of them,” you will be spellbound.

The track premiered on The FADER, and she told them, “It’s about the frustrating ricocheting quality of our internal dialogue. Not a Zach Braff in Scrubs internal dialogue, but one that’s more sturdy in its absolute inability to process stuff and come to a good, moral end-note. It’s not an overtly political song, but for me there is that edge to it, and it’s not just because I say that I’m a feminist.”

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