Listen To ‘Death After Life’ By Trunkweed


I don’t know how you feel about anything lo-fi, but I fucking love it. Ramshackle, under produced, but enthusiastic near noise that sounds like it was recorded in someone’s Mom’s basement. That’s pretty much what Baltimore, Maryland’s Trunkweed sound like. I don’t know a whole load about the band, except that, they started in June 2014, and thusly are pretty much the exact same age as Overblown. Also, they claim to play, “Post-surf bedroom-punk louzy-pop.” Which sounds about right to me.

‘Death After Life’ is taken from their upcoming record Trunkweed Live, Man, which is not quite a live album, but was recorded live in Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland. This is what the band have to say about the release, “During our first tour, we stopped by Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland to shoot a live video for waves… We clicked so well with James that he decided to let us record all that we were able to the following day before leaving for our next show. So with a couple hours to spare, we set up our gear, pressed record, and just went to it. All of these songs were recorded live, which was just too ideal of an opportunity, because this is the most raw and sincere trunkweed experience available online to-date.”

You can pre-order the set on limited edition cassette right here. It is set for release on the 22nd March.

Here’s another couple of tracks from the record.

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