Listen To ‘Deep Web’ By Magic Potion

magic potion jelly

Jingle jangle indie pop. I like. This is exactly what Swedish trio Magic Potion provide on their debut single ‘Deep Web’. According to the band the track is, “a pop tune with sketchy guitar licks, VHS-y synth sounds, drums in mono and some lo-fi tape vibe sweetnesss. It was recorded on a 1/4 inch tape machine together with a bunch of other songs. Basically, it’s about internet luuuv, eating pizza and feeling alone ;(“. I must say, I love the lo-fi tape sound of the recording. It kinda sounds like the recordings I used to make as a teenager on my tape deck. Except I made sub-Alice In Chains post-grunge. Whereas ‘Deep Web’ is actually good.

Keep an eye out for their debut EP, expected to be released later in 2015.

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