Listen To Entire Demo Tape From Kurt Cobain’s Pre-Nirvana Band Fecal Matter

Listen To Illiteracy Will Pervail  For The Full Time In All Its Idiosyncratic 58 Minutes Of Glory.

Before Nirvana knocked Michael Jackson off the Billboard 200, there was Fecal Matter. Kurt Cobain was 18 and a messed up kid and obviously liked a potty joke. The band, which also featured Dale Crover (Melvins drummer) on bass and Greg Hokanson on drums, is a fascinating document in the life of one of music’s greatest song writers. The band recorded a demo called Illiteracy Will Prevail, which is 58 minutes of sound collage, toilet humour, and songs that come across like pretty awesome blueprints for Nirvana.

The tape includes some previously heard material such as ‘Spank Thru’, which is often credited as the ‘first’ Nirvana song, and an embyronic version of ‘Downer’ from Nirvana’s 1989 debut album Bleach which takes its place as the last full song on the tape. The leak adds to the wealth of rare Nirvana material being released onto the web over the last week or so by the YouTuber RareNirvana. He/She/It is a total legend.

You can listen to the entire demo tape above.

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Fecal Matter: Illiteracy Will Prevail Approximate Track-list:
01. Sound of Dentage (00:00)
02. Bambi Slaughter (04:50)
03. Laminated Effect (08:24)
04. Blathers Log (10:42)
05. Class of ’86 (13:19)
06. Boatakk (17:15)
07. Love My Family (19:21)
08. Accusations (28:28)
09. Spank Thru (33:05)
10. Insurance (36:55)
11. Buffy’s Pregnant (38:24)
12. Vaseline (42:41)
13. Downer (45:08)
14. Instrumental version of Boatakk (48:09)
15. Riffs & “Turnaround” by Devo (49:48)

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