Listen To ‘Hemera’ By Freaum

freaum hemera

By way of getting me to post about their track, electro artist(s) Freaum sent me this message:  “My mum won’t stop playing World of Warcraft so I made this EP to hassle her playing it way too loud while she is way too occupied killing monsters and shit. What is a live track? This track is as dead as a fish out of the earth’s atmosphere.  And I guess by millions of unique viewers you mean millions of enslaved alien girls being forced to listen to new music over and over again. Stop the alien girls enslavery! Alien girls deserve to be free! The AGPF (Alien Girls Protection Force) is surely coming for u man. Better be ready; if you listen to my whole EP backwards you’ll find some hidden info about escaping the catacombs of despair (which is where you are bound to go after being caught by the AGPF).

Well done sir/madam. Luckily I quite enjoyed this piece of summery electro, and so I have an excuse to post this message in full. Additionally, Hemera is the Greek Goddess who personified the daytime. If that’s the kind of thing that interests you. Head to Freaum’s Soundcloud to listen to his/her/their entire EP.


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