Listen To, And Watch The Video For, ‘IDK How’ By Angelic Milk

Debut Single 17 Year Old Russian Singer/Songwriter

Sarah Persephona hails from St. Petersburg, plays jaunty and catchy guitar pop music under the moniker Angelic Milk, is releasing her debut single ‘IDK How’ via PNKSLM Recordings on May 22nd, and is only bloody 17. It’s a youthful track, full of exuberance, and that weird mixture of naivety and maturity that some young artists can tap into. It’s pop simplicity is a perfect antidote to the over produced dreck that listeners are often bombarded with, as the track harks back to a time when all one needed was a vocal, guitar, bass, drums, and a melody. It has definitely been a good cure for me today as I have been forced to listen to my flatmate play Angels & Airwaves at ear splitting volumes. I need to get proper speakers so I can blast Joanna Gruesome in retaliation. Anyway, I digress. Angelic Milk is awesome!

“IDK How” will be out 5/22 via PNKSLM Recordings with a limited edition handmade vinyl.

Watch the video above, or listen to the track below:

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