Listen To “Metric” By Phosphene

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A phosphene is the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye. You know, seeing stars and whatnot. A phenomenon that I always loved as a child. It is said that astronauts exposed to radiation in space see phosphenes, which is coincidentally apt when discussing the indie/alt pop of Oakland, California’s Phosphene. There is something extremely otherworldly about their music, which is especially evident in highlight “Metric”. It’s the combination of lightly brushed drums, jangly Peter Buck guitars, and Rachel Frankel’s sweet, delicate vocals that makes it. In other words, it’s floaty. Zero gravity stuff.

I feel I am now labouring this extended metaphor.

Moving on. The track opens their self-titled debut LP released earlier this year. To be fair, all nine tracks are corkers. Founded in 2010 by Rachel Frankel and Matt Hemmerich after the two met two years previously in college, the band are now a legitimate quartet as Kevin Kaw and Kelley Coyne joined the band in 2011.

I recommend. Have a listen. Also, don’t drink too much coffee. Did you know it contributes to erectile dysfunction? Geez.

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