Listen To “Won’t Go” By Aine Duffy

First time I heard this track, I was not sure  if I loved it or hated it. I’m still not one hundred percent sure. Definitely good enough reason to feature it on Overblown. Aine Duffy hails from Cork (my hometown), and has been at this music lark since around 2011 as far as I can tell. At least that was when her first single, “I Don’t Think You’re Ready”, was released.

Her latest track, “Won’t Go” sees her seriously upping her game. The track is some kind of bizarre mixture of pop and reggae, with Aine’s unique and, frankly, odd vocals riding the whole peculiar enterprise. The LP from which it is gleaned, is titled With Bells On and was released in Ireland recently (I’m getting conflicting info as to exactly when. November? January?).

Order it.

To promote the record, Aine will not only be playing the traditional music venues but also, “In your home/ shed/amazing space or at your private event.  All you have to do is organize an audience of 20 people or more!” Get it sorted!

Album artwork:

aine duffy won't go
Aine Duffy – With Bells On



01. Paler in the Mirror
02. He Knew
03. Won’t Go for Now
04. Don’t Do Much
05. Keeping the Streets Clean
06. I Can’t Help You Now
07. On the Roof
08. Red on You
09. Excuses
10. Wallet, Keys, Phone

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