Live Gallery: Eddie Vedder @ The Marquee, Cork 11 June 2017

Eddie Vedder
Picture by Shane J Horan.

I don’t know what to say. That could quite possibly be the greatest gig I’ve ever been to. My sister cried during two songs. She told me that she hadn’t realised how much she had grown up with Eddie and how pivotal his songs are in her life. I couldn’t agree more. For twenty five years he has been a constant companion. A reliable friend and solace. Always giving a song with which to celebrate the good times and ease the bad. Through times of loneliness when I lived in England, to me fucking up relationships, to me playing his version of ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ at my sister’s wedding for her first dance, he has become a kind of wise older brother who says, “Believe in yourself. Be strong, okay?”

Thanks Eddie.

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